Ipotesi 1: Trappola col miele - Honey trap? Ipotesi 2: "Le farò da padre "

Just read the interview of Noemi on TimesOnLine , that is more than supposed...
God, please, give us a real statesman!

Post Scriptum: a Honey Trap exists only in spy stories. This was not the kind of it: it was an habit of a statesman, born by an excess of self-confidence and power. A real statesman should have a clear and without remarks private life, that put him away of any risk of speculation. We all remember Bill Clinton and the affaire Lewinsky: now the issue is quite the same.
Now we have several formal check points: next elections in Italy and the G8.
The opposition will try to exploit as much as possible the weakness of prime minister. Further to it, the issue give also chance to other leaders to step in, first of all is Fini.
And remember, everything started because Berlusconi started it, so he not a victim.
I wonder whether in a month time we will have still him as prime minister....

Post Scriptum: just for enthusiasts, do you remember this movie?

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