Shame on Alemanno, Rome's Major: golden silence is better....

Two dutch bikers, by camping,were assaulted two days ago by romanians sheperds: they used violence to the woman.
The Rome's Major, releasing a comment told that the bikers were in the wrong place and that it was their fault of being incautious.
Read dutch comment here.
Silence is gold, at least in certain circumstances.

Mr. Alemanno should excuse himself to be so unpolite and unrealistic: the two tourists had travelled all the way through Europe and were unlucky only there.

On the official site of Mr. Alemanno no comment was released up today (Aug., 24th).

P.S.: italian newspapers gave wide stress to this fact, also because another violent event took place close to Neaple. Safety is a major issue in Italy but we are claiming our right to stay in Europe being a civilised nation. What struck me today was the comment of the dutch lady that had a positive reaction against what happened and refused medicines to diminish pain. She would rather prefer her body naturally reacting , to restablish quickier. I admire her for determination and courage!

P.S. 2: Mr. Alemanno, on his web site, says that the Council of Rome will claim for damages against the two rumanian sheperds and that he will chase those two beasts...
Sometimes open blogs help to have a clear position on live issues!

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