My experience with Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the common name for a plant (Eurycoma Longifolia), born in Malaysia and Indonesia. It well known in Far East since has therapeutic virtues and is alleged as aphrodisiac. I was looking more for a diet integrator, to improve physical performance and, after carefully cross checking information available on Web, I tried an extract of 1:50 of Tongkat Ali under medical control.

I did up two now, two cycles, (two weeks on - one off; three weeks on, ten days off still in progress now) and after having check my medical analysis I am really happy of it.

Strenght and endurance during heavy fitness training have improved ( I feel the difference during the off cycle ) testosteron has increased 20% against previous values, no side effects.

Dosage was about 2,5 little spoon every day. Suggestion is to take it with warm water, following the diet suggestion of producer in Indonesia.

Purpose of this post, is to inform people about the good qualities of this product, that can help overall health conditions.

Extract was chosen because is "safer" than commercial pills, where additives can be easily put.

To mention is the professional suggestion of producer.
I would like to share opinions with other users.

2013: recently getting this extract from Indonesia seems more difficult. I ordered from a certified Singapore dealer this extract that went through the italian customs. After foour weeks they asked me to declare the contents of package, if integrator or medicine. I declared that as integrator, as anti age extract, and after further six weeks they replied that the package was sent back to Singapore.
I asked them the tracking number of it (...) and never get it. Neither the Singapore dealer got it back. My opinion is that somebody is using it by Customs. Useless to send all the medical data to Customs. My suggestion: buy it from a european dealer, just to avoid to be screwed up...

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