Truffa nigeriana - nuova variante con furto d' identità

Potreste ricevere una email da un vostro conoscente estero (cioè da una persona a voi conosciuta) con il seguente testo:

"Good day to you. Please i really need you to get back to me immediately you received this message because am in serious dilemma over here with great sorrow. I could barely type or think straight right now, I hope you come to my aid.... something very terrible happened to me where i am, I seriously need help from you urgently, I had a trip here in West africa {Nigeria} for a Conference. Unfortunately for me I got robbed on my way to the hotel where i lodged along with my Cell phone, bag where my passport was and at now, i don't have any money to survive over here. And also i have an outstanding bill to pay the hotel i lodged. I only have access to the internet, all my contact numbers on the phone are gone including my diary where i backed my telephone numbers. As at now i can only send emails, I urgently need your financial assistance. The total outstanding bills is $2,245. i need to sort-out the bills so i can make arrangements and return back, I'm in a
panic now, the police only asked me to write a statement about the incident and directed me to the embassy, I have spoken to our embassy over here no response yet. I promise to refund you immediately am back. i actually budgeted for all expenses before leaving . I am so confused right now but am safe and not hurt because I complied immediately. Please kindly get back to me immediately you receive my message...so i can furnish you my receiving information because i was advised by the hotel management that you can send the funds through any closest western union money transfer outlet.
La mail viene firmata dal vostro amico.

Non rispondete ovviamente a questo messaggio, anche se proveniente da un indirizzo conosciuto perchè trattasi di una truffa con furto d' identità del mittente.
Segnalate la mail alla Polizia postale ed al vostro gestore.

L' inganno funziona cosi':
la mail giunge (sembra giungere) da un indirizzo a voi noto e viene rispedita (se voi ovviamente lo fate) ad un indirizzo leggermente simile. Ad esempio:
giunge da eleonora.grassi@yahoo.com
viene rispedita ad eloenora.grassi@yahoo.com

In questo modo il truffatore si assicura di leggere la vostra mail: quindi, in apparenza è un furto d' identità, in realtà si lavora su un "refuso"

Questo non toglie la gravità dell' inganno, anzi lo conferma!

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